Why do the foremost energy companies on the African continent sponsor Africa Oil & Power events?

Brand Association

AOP attracts a premier lineup of senior government and NOC officials. This gives sponsors a distinct opportunity for their brand to be seen by Africa’s prominent oil and gas decision makers.

Brand Alignment

AOP is an elite grouping of companies and business executives. The event offers sponsors the opportunity to align their company with the market leaders and captains of industry.

Brand Visibility

Sponsorship opportunities are available to a limited few. Sponsors will shine in a small but powerful group of brands among dignitaries, delegates and a coterie of industry and business media.

AOP Functions

Africa Oil & Power puts a premium on creating connections. Through our sponsored functions, including drinks events, cocktail receptions, gala dinners and awards ceremonies, and networking breaks, AOP makes sure that you can meet the right people and foster profitable business relationships. Sponsors get an all-access pass to all AOP functions, and for Exclusive and Elite level sponsors, a dedicated relationship broker makes sure that your goals at our events are met.

All Sponsorships Include


Web promotion via logo on our event page and website, social media promotion and email sendouts.


Conference branding with your logo on stage backdrop, event banners, and the conference brochure.


Recognition for each level of sponsorship and greater exposure for elite level sponsors.


Top-level access, with entry to VIP gala dinner and the ability to set up private meetings in advance.