Israel to export gas to Egypt

Image:The Times of Israel
By Anine Kilian, Contributing Editor

Israeli Minister of Energy, Yuval Steinitz on Monday confirmed that Israel would begin exporting seven billion cubic meters of gas to Egypt over a ten-year period.

The first batches will come from the offshore Tamar gas field and will increase twofold in November, when the Leviathan gas field comes online. The gas will be supplied through private Egyptian company Dolphinus Holdings.

According to reports, Israel also aims to sign a deal to construct the 2,000km East Med gas pipeline, which will run through Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy.
“Israel exporting natural gas to the Arab world and also to Europe — this is something that sounded like a dream or a fantasy just 10 or 15 years ago,” Minister Steinitz said.
Israel’s current production is currently around 10.5 billion cubic meters and is expected to increase to 27 billion cubic meters by 2020.