Power Angola 2020

The first Power Angola 2020 Conference & Exhibition to be held on November 18-19, 2020 in Luanda, Angola.

Organized by Africa Oil & Power, endorsed by the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources and in partnership with the African Energy Chamber, the conference is a part of a year-long campaign to promote and attract investment in the country’s energy sector.

Power Angola 2020 Conference & Exhibition serves as the focal point of an international investment drive aimed at bringing new deals to the table and signing up new entrants to Angola’s promising conventional and renewable energy generation and distribution sector.

Under the theme: Power to Boost Angola’s Growth and Prosperity 

  • Increased energy access for industry and consumers
  • Digitization and technology in Angola’s energy industry
  • The potential for rapid and massive renewable energy development
  • Investment opportunities in the power distribution sector
  • Public-private partnership to achieve national development goals electrification
  • Market entry and business in Angola
  • Regional cooperation for investment promotion and energy sharing across continents through SAPP

Africa Oil & Power, the continent’s premier investment and energy policy platform, is working closely with the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources to tell the story of Angola’s rich heritage in the energy and utilities sector, and to help new private sector players enter the market.